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About Screaming Seeds

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The Origin of Screaming Seeds takes us back to 1993, when Alberta Cachia, from Melbourne Victoria, decided to leave her 9-5 city slog, move to coastal Torquay and bring to life a love for flavours and tantalysing taste sensations so connected to her cultural roots. Born to parents from the sun-drenched island of Malta & the North Afican country Libya, Alberta’s strongest emotions and inspiration came from the passion and respect of the culture and family she grew up in.

Since 2008, Screaming Seeds Spice Co has been owned by Doug and Wendy Elsum, who many may remember from “Freshly Doug”, Highton Village’s community hub of fresh fruit and vegetables, deli and gourmet lines. Many may also recall the strong focus on locally sourced produce from this Geelong business. And, one thing Doug and Wendy never forgot was how many jars and Eco Paks of that extraordinary local product, Screaming Seeds that they used to trade.

You may have spotted Screaming Seeds distinctive and unique packaging at the best gourmet delis, food stores, wholefood shops, wineries and fruit and vegie outlets near you. But have you tried them yet? And they are 100% PURE and NATURAL!!

Doug and Wendy have continued to take fresh whole herbs and spices and passionately combine them into imaginative spice blends – some classical, many of Alberta’s own creation, and now new blends of “Doug the Spicemaster’s” own signature. The special “Spice Girl” team of assistants they now employ, have great passion and pride in the superb spice blends they proudly produce and package with aromas and flavours that will knock your socks off!

Since taking over  the ownership of Screaming Seeds Spice Co, Doug and Wendy have created a range of seasonings, offering seasoned salts, infused couscous, gluten free coating mixes, Krumbos and an amazing new Gravlax Mix. They also guarantee you the best customer service, reliable deliveries and excellent consistency in all Screaming Seeds products.

Wholesaling to the Foodservice industry, chefs also enjoy the Screaming Seeds experience in catering quantities, to enhance and compliment their menu with unique, time saving and deliciously fresh spice blends and seasonings.

Screaming Seeds spice blends are perfectly proportioned for home use, including easy and delicious recipes for you to try. They make ideal gifts and the Eco Paks are lightweight and easy to mail to friends, transforming the smell of a postie’s bag.

The fresh, high quality ingredients Doug and Wendy use, send tongues wagging and nostrils flaring, keeping alive Alberta’s exotic influence and appreciation to create simple but exquisitely delicious food for everyone to experience. With integrity, passion and dedication, Screaming Seeds spice blends and seasonings have found their way across the globe for all to enjoy.